Easy Ricotta Dip For Crackers

Easy ricotta dip for crackers that will please a whole crowd! Ready in less than 5 minutes this whipped ricotta dip is topped with honey, chili flakes, and mint. 

whipped ricotta dip

Unexpected guests? Take this chance to impress them with this easy ricotta cheese dip recipe. Here is exactly what to serve with ricotta dip for crackers to keep things simple and delicious:

You Will Love This Ricotta Dip For Crackers, Because ……

ricotta spread for bread
  • It’s the easiest ricotta cheese dip you can possibly make. All you need to do is whip ricotta cheese with some honey until it gets light and creamy.
  • Very quick to make. It takes max 5 minutes to get done.
  • Only a few ingredients are needed. No fancy ingredients for this dip, because all you need is the ricotta cheese and a couple of tablespoons of milk to have the creamiest and richest dip appetizer. 
  • It can be sweet, savory, or spicy. It’s up to you to have a savory dip or a sweet ricotta spread. A little honey can elevate the dip into a very interesting appetizer. Some chili flakes can spice things up and bring some character.

Ingredients For Whipped Ricotta Cheese Dip For Crackers

honey ricotta spread
  • Milk – only use a little bit, about 3 tablespoons. Use any milk you like, even plant-based milk if you like it. 
  • Ricotta Cheese – I am using full-fat ricotta cheese. The fat is what gives this appetizer creaminess. 
  • Honey – I only drizzled it, but honey is the ingredient that can turn this appetizer into a  sweet ricotta spread
  • Chilly flakes – sprinkle them on the creamy dip.
  • Mint – for decoration or chop a bunch of mints to give this honey ricotta cheese dip a stronger flavor of freshness. 
  • Crackers or pita bread – Whatever you have on hand will work as long as it is crunchy. Make sure to give it a good toast as they go better with cold ricotta cheese dips.

How To Make Whipped Ricotta Dip For Crackers

how to make whipped ricotta
  1. Combine milk and ricotta cheese in your food processor’s bowl. Let it mix until you get a smooth and silky consistency. Alternatively, you can beat them with a hand mixer or even a whisk.
  2. Transfer to a plate/serving bowl. 
  3. Drizzle olive oil or honey, chilly flakes or freshly chopped herbs, toasted seeds, lemon zest and juice, etc. 

Ricotta Dip Recipe Tips and Tricks 

  • Troubleshooting the recipe. If it’s too runny, add some more ricotta or feta cheese. If it’s too thick, add more milk.
  • Double or triple the recipe. This recipe feeds 3-4 people, so according to the number of guests, you have to adapt the ingredients by doubling or tripling the ingredients.

Recipe Variations

easy ricotta cheese dip recipe
  • For a spicy ricotta dipping sauce use cayenne pepper, chopped chives, and freshly crushed black pepper. Finely chop a clove of garlic and combine it with the mixture so the flavor spreads evenly throughout the cream. A dash of Tabasco makes it even hotter.
  • For a sweet ricotta spread add honey. Toast nuts, crush them, and spread on the dip. Walnuts, almonds, and pistachios win for a combination of ricotta and honey. Sprinkle the dip with chilly flakes as they widely “awake” the sweetness of the honey. 
  • For a savory ricotta dipping sauce add salt, lemon juice and zest, finely chop herbs of your preference, and mince garlic instead of garlic powder. Add nuts for a crunch bite.

Storing Tip

Refrigerate the dip in a glass container. Pour olive oil on the dip enough to cover the entire surface. It is safe to use for up to a week.

whipped ricotta dip ingredients

FAQ about Ricotta Dip For Crackers

What Does Ricotta Cheese Pair Well With?

Ricotta cheese pairs perfectly with tomatoes and pestos, fried eggs, and corn. It is divinely a desert as well, topped with honey, bananas, strawberries, or Nutella

Can Ricotta Be Eaten Cold?

Thanks to its versatility ricotta can be eaten even cold. In fact, ricotta is safe to eat hot or cold, fresh or cooked, sweet or savory. Spread it confidently over a fresh slice of bread, crostini, or eggs, and use it as a pasta sauce as well. 

Is Ricotta Better Hot or Cold?

It really depends on your preference, but if you can taste warm ricotta straight from the cheesecloth bundle call yourself a lucky person! Store it in an airtight container and use it cold for tens of recipes. 

What Crackers Are Good with Dip?

Every type of cracker will work on this whipped ricotta dip for crackers. TownHouse will do, Triscuits as well, etc. In case you are out of crackers, use chip or pita bread. Make sure to toast pita bread and cut it into small slices. 

ricotta dip on crackers

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easy ricotta cheese dip recipe

Easy Ricotta Dip For Crackers

  • Author: Nejona
  • Total Time: 5 minutes


Easy ricotta dip for crackers that will please a whole crowd! Ready in less than 5 minutes this whipped ricotta dip is topped with honey, chilli flakes, and mint.



2 cup ricotta cheese

2 tablespoons of milk

a pinch of salt

a pinch of black pepper

1 tablespoon honey

chili flakes, a sprinkle

lemon zest (optional)

1 tablespoon of olive oil (optional)


Mix the ricotta, salt, and milk with a whisk or process it in a food processor until you have a smooth consistency.

Drizzle honey and sprinkle with chili flakes.

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